New Slot Online Casinos in the UK

New online casinos attract players as they can play in the comfort of their homes. There’s no need to dress up or travel, and they can play to their heart’s content anytime all the time. There’s no dress code; they can even play wearing only their underwear.

In the UK, the 2005 Gambling Bill regulates the operation of online gambling by requiring new online gambling sites to have a remote gambling license in order to operate. To further regulate the online gambling industry, the UK implemented the Gambling Act of 2014 requiring gambling operators outside the UK to secure a UK license and pay a 15% tax. This stringent measures, briefly discouraged offshore online gambling operators from operating, but it did not last long. The benefit outweighed the disadvantage considering that the UK is a vast market.

Fairness, randomness and trueness are the proof of reliability of safe online gambling sites. The UK Gambling Commission sees to it that these are all present in all games offered by all online sites applying for a license. It is up to the gambling site operators to show proofs that indeed their sites are fair, random and true and for the Commission to authenticate the accuracy of these proofs. Without these proofs, no license will be issued.

Though new online casinos are regulated in the UK, there are still some unlicensed sites. These unlicensed sites cannot advertise and players playing using these sites play at their own risk without the protection offered by the UK Gambling Commission. There is the risk regarding security players personal information may not be as secured compared to licensed safe online sites. The Commission cannot help with nonpayment of winnings and other issues associated with these unlicensed sites.

These are important reasons why players should check beforehand if the online gambling sites they are using have UK licenses.